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  PV Module Laminator

The Solar cell Modules /Panel laminator is the key machine in the production process. RI – 2 is one of the best designed machines in the industry based on internationally accepted design. It has top opening process where the top cover has back-rising process design to operate it conveniently. It has fully automatic movements, touch screen controls; the parameter setting is intuitive and flexible.

The main components like high accuracy 12 A/D exchanged modules, special oil temperature control module, low voltage electrical components; system controls are supplied by Japan Mitsubishi PLC and are flexible with high reliability.

The heating board has advance non-welded manufacturing technology. High flatness can help lamination process easy. The machine works on conduction system by oil temperature heating and advanced PID calculation which can do the heating quickly and the temperature control is flexible. The temperature can compensate automatically by the EVA curves. The temperature uniformity of the heating board is high.Laminating chamber works on special welding technology and high vacuum sealing technology resulting into perfect and uniform effect in lamination and the amendment frequency is low.

The top cover has anti-folding function design,which can lengthen the lifetime of the rubber plate. It has unique roof cover opening structure. The rubber plate exchanging is fast and convenient.

It has comprehensive security system protection,4 cylinder control synchronization at the same time. It has emergency stop button, emergency cover-opening system and with accurate alarm function.

Technical Parameters / Specifications
Touch and close system for cover by pneumatic control back rising

Maximum heating temperature of the heating board


Temperature controlling accuracy


Temperature uniformity


Power supply voltage


Maximum power of the equipment


Normal working


Air supply demand


Compressed air flux

0.4~0.8 m3 /min

Vacuum limit


Vacuum pump speed 70L/S
Laminating pressure




Effective laminating area


Equipment weight


Occupancy area