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  Module Simulator & Tester

The solar Panel simulator is in horizontal box shape for easy and convenient operation. It is used for middle and final testing of electrical properties of the solar panels.

It works on pulse xenon lamp as simulator light source and it achieves a very high uniformity of simulated sun light. Due to its special design it can avoid temperature influence on the testing result. The imported pulsed xenon lamp is matched with special optical components which assures correct spectrum throughout lifetime testing cycle.

The machine measures temperature and do temperature-compensation calculation automatically for the testing results. Infra-red probe can measure the solar panel temperature without any touch ensuring
temperature stability.The testing result is also shown by voice counting or voice warning. Solar module with 4-wire connection can ensure the accuracy of solar cell current measurements correctly. Based on Window XP platform our machine is one of best in the industry.
Technical parameters/specifications

Model number






Effective testing area:


Effective testing range:


Power supply

220VAC single phase 200W

Light source

Xenon flash lamp

Light intensity:

100Mw/C㎡ (adjusting range:70-120Mw/C㎡)

Life time of flash lamp

30000 times


Lamp-house shoots vertically from the bottom up.

Test mode

Single time flash test

Measuring voltage:

0V~30V / 0V~60v (Resolution 1Mv)

Measuring current:

0~2A / 0~20A  (Resolution 1mA)

Measuring temperature:

15℃~35℃(Resolution 0.1℃)

Uniformity of testing result:


Measuring error of electrical properties:


Measuring manner:

four wires connection

Measuring parameters:

IV curve ,Isc、Voc、Pmax、Vm ,Im、EF、 EFF、Temp、Rs、Rsh

Temperature range

10 ℃-45℃

Temperature measurement

Infrared temperature sensor


Auto calibration according to standard module

Temperature calibration

Auto calibrate

Humidity range


Operation system

Windows XP