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  Glass Cleaning and Drying

RI 1800 is a highly efficient glass washing, cleaning and drying machine. For making good quality solar modules / panels the glass need to be clean, dry and properly washed. This is high speed universal machine and can clean, dry and wash glass of 3 to 12 MM thickness with a speed of 0-5 meters / mint. The machine has horizontal structure therefore feeding, washing, drying and glass discharging can be operated continuously and smoothly. The quality of outcome is excellent that is why it is best choice today in solar industry.
Technical Parameter / Specifications

Power Supply


Input Power 11.5Kw
Cleaning (work) Speed 0-5m/min
Max Work Speed 5 m/min
Min Glass Size 450*450mm
Max Glass Size 2400*1600mm
Glass cleaning thickness 3-12mm
Outside Dimension 2850*1850*1330mm
Weight (about) 900Kgs.