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RI-2 AUTO SOLAR MODULE / PANEL FRAME COMBING MACHINE is a special machine which prepares and finishes the solar module / panel frame and locks the 4 corners of the frame. After the panel is glued and assembled the machine can locate frame, lock the frame and apply combing operation to protect and lock all 4 corners with the help of air cylinders and censors. RI-2 frame combing machine has universal wheels, which can ensure free movement and protect the solar panel surface.

The combing machine has two-way fixed end and two-way open operation so faming can be made in a much wider space. In addition this allows even a non-standard solar panel working also.It protects the workers from a dangerousoperation and also increases the speed of work to the finest perfection.
Technical Parameter / Specifications
Working air pressure 0.4Mpa~0.7 Mpa
Maximal framing dimension 2000 X1100 X (35~50) mm
Minimal framing dimension 750 X 650 X (35~50) mm
Framing accuracy Difference of opposite sides’ dimensions ±1mm
Difference of diagonal line dimension 1.5mm
Four corners angular deviation ±0.5°
Framing impetus air pressure、 hydraulic pressure impetus
Hydraulic pressure 1.0Mpa ~ 15.0Mpa
Power supply  220V
Weight 1200 Kgs
Power 1.5KW
Area occupied by machine 5.0 X 3.0m
Machine dimension 2900 X 1900 X 970mm