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  Cell Welding System

The system includes operating platforms with heating main board, welding template, temperature-adjusting soldering rod (every machine has three pieces of soldering rods), Chairs (every machine are with three chairs). The heating panels use special aluminum alloy materials and anti-oxidation treatment.

The temperature control is more accurate which is controlled with PID support. It is easy to connect the cells strings modules. The temperature heating plate is uniform.  
Technical Parameter / Specifications
Operation platform


General height 2300mm
Single heating board 180 x 200mm (two pieces for one machine)
Main heating plate 1600 x 1800mm (for piece for one machine)
Template 180X1600mm (125X12)(156x10)
Temperature of the heating plate < ±2°C
Temperature control accuracy ±1°C
Temperature setting range 20°C-90°C
Electrical source 220V/50Hz   20A
Occupancy area 2.0m*3.0m