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The Solar cell tester system is specially used in filtration of solar energy in Mono / Poly crystalline silicon cell pieces. Through simulation of solar spectrum lamp-house it test and survey the cell module related to electrical parameters according to the measurement results and classifies the cell piece.

It has unique system of modifying the compensate parameter. It automatically / manually do temperature compensation and adjust the light intensity and automatically measures and modifies the temperature.Based on the Windows operation system and humanized-design testing software,it records and displays test curve (I-V curve, P curve) and the test parameter (Voc, Isc, Pm, Im, FF, EFF), the test of sequence number is automatically produced and preserved to the assigned folder.
The source of light is pulsed xenon lamp simulator popularly used worldwide with Cavity Reflection Device of special material to achieve high homogeneity of simulated sunlight. It also avoids temperature from influencing the test result in steady-state solar simulator condition.
Technical parameters / specifications
Model  specification SCT-B
Simulation photo source Pulse Xeon lamp
The range of luminous intensity 70~120mW / cm2
Luminous intensity irregularity ≤±3%
Test area ≤300×300mm
Test time 3sec / piece
Data acquisition  quantity 8000 data point
Test system Pc-machine, A / D control card,
Display I -V curve and P curve
Test parameter Voc  Isc  Pm  Im  Vm  FF  EFF
Test mode Semiautomatic / Completely automatic
Operation samples